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  1. drkillabrew

    drkillabrew Rookie

    Sep 1, 2019
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    Daniel Woodson
    Hello all, I just recently joined the forum and have learned quite a bit from the many posts I've read. I have been considering buying a late-model 600LT or 720S for several months now, and have my eye on a few select vehicles listed on a few dealers' websites. I had my first opportunity to physically look at a 2018 720S last week. In this case I had been communicating with the dealer via telephone and email for a couple weeks prior to my visit (they are about 3 hours from my home), and they were aware that I was coming in on that particular day, and which specific cars I was interested in. After checking out the vehicles, sitting in them, and going over some basic information, I asked the salesperson to take the 720S for a test drive. After asking for my driver's license (no surprise there), the young fellow disappeared into the office area, later emerging with another young man who I took to be a manager of some sort. This gentlemen asked me a few questions regarding my interest in the 720S and whether I was ready to make a purchase, to which I responded that while I was definitely committed to make a purchase, it would only be after I had a chance to thoroughly evaluate the subject vehicle, and negotiate the best terms. After this, he hemmed and hawed about how they 'have insurance on their salespeople', and that they don't normally allow test drives of the vehicles in inventory, in order to 'keep the miles down', and that if I was really interested, he would allow the sales guy to take me for a spin. He seemed to allude to the idea that this is 'the way things are done' with regard to exotic sports car purchases.

    I've owned a few Vettes in my time, along with a few other American muscle cars, all purchased brand new, but have never bought any vehicle without first test-driving it to make sure it provides the driving experience I'm looking for. This is my first foray into any kind of exotic sports car purchase, and I'd like to understand whether my experience with this dealer is routine, or if in fact I should fully expect to be able to test drive a vehicle that I'm potentially interested in purchasing. Offhand, it seems to me that a potential buyer who is preparing to spend the equivalent of what a decent house would cost should be offered a test drive.

    What is your experience, and what should I generally expect?

    Thanks in advance for your inputs,
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  3. chinaleeexports

    Jun 2, 2008
    Southern California
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    I have a long standing relationship with my dealer which Im sure is a major factor. I got to drive a 720S for the day with the caveat of keeping it below 100 miles as well as an Aston DB11. Although I didn't buy either one, the dealer's positive attitude was a factor in me buying a 600LT from them. It least from my perspective, if you emailed, called and drove 3 hours to get to the dealer, I would expect to at least be offered the opportunity to drive the car with a salesman around the general area to see if you liked it. I got to drive a 600LT around the area prior to making my decision. The exception would be if it were a hypercar like a Senna, P1 etc I would not expect to take it for a test ride. Good luck, the 720S was an amazing car with awesome acceleration.
  4. vincep99

    vincep99 Rookie

    Jun 8, 2009
    I also am looking for a used 570S or 650S so I went to my local dealer. Before I even asked, he offered me a test drive. But I had talked with him there before and also at other events, so that may have made a difference.

    That having been said, once I decide on something, I don't always need a test drive because by that point I have fixated on the car and will get used to whatever idiosyncrasies it may have. More important to me is to see the service records if it is used. I bought my new Z06 without a test drive

    Interestingly enough, I had the exact same thing happen back in 1992 with a Mustang; they insisted that they did not allow a test drive in a manual. I simply walked away and went to another dealer.
  5. Detroit Bill

    Detroit Bill Rookie

    Dec 12, 2019
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    Bill Stan
    Participating in a Pure McLaren event might be a great test drive of sorts.

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