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Speedtail caught on fire during testing!!

Discussion in 'Ultimate Series (F1, P1, Sabre, Senna, Speedtail)' started by aaronrgonz, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Not the craziest fire video...but still pretty intense to watch.

    McLaren had this to say:

    "A prototype version of the McLaren Speedtail experienced what we believe at this stage to be an electrical fault, whilst stationary at a fuel station near Guildford in Surrey, UK. As a precautionary measure, having seen a small amount of smoke emanating from the vehicle, McLaren employees moved the car away from the fuel pumps and discharged dry powder extinguishers over the rear of the car. The prototype was subsequently recovered to McLaren premises. Nobody was injured as a result of this incident and investigations into the cause of the issue have commenced.”

    Are there any implications that could arise from this?

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