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600LT Races Huracan Evo Around a Track

Discussion in 'Sport Series (570S/GT, 540C, 600LT, 620R, Artura)' started by Booker, Apr 9, 2020.

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    So I recently posted a video that was a few years old from Shmee that compared the Huracan (not evo) and McLaren 570S, and it was mainly a drag racing with light driving around a track. Well now there is a new Huracan, the EVO, and there is a special edition track variant of the 570S, the 600LT. And this video ignores frivolous drag racing and focuses specifically on tracking. Plus, it has two drivers that are serious automotive journalists, instead of world-class vloggers. So, which car is better at the track?

    Well, like most things, it depends on what you prefer at the track. As with the outgoing Huracan, the new EVO is AWD and has a naturally aspirated V10, and the 600LT similarly keeps the same format as the 570s, having RWD and a turbo-charged V8. Yes, the sound is still better in the Lamborghini. In fact, the sound seems to be even better than the outgoing Huracan! And yes the McLaren is still lighter and lighter than the 570S. So both these cars are simply turned up a notch in terms of their respective strengths.

    But there is one big difference now- the price. The 570S was generally cheaper than the old Huracan, but the McLaren brand has grown stronger and the 600LT is a special edition, so the Lambo is generally cheaper now, although they are very closely priced. This make their comparison that much more valid, and so it truly comes down to the driving experience.

    The premise of the video is that the Mclaren is out front and tries to run away from the EVO, and so there is a huge caveat in this comparison, namely that the Lamborghini is not given the opportunity to take the lead and attempt its own escape. That being said, the cars (and drivers) seem to be evenly matched! The 600LT can create some distance in the straights (which supports the drag racing ability), but the EVO easily makes up ground in the corners with its AWD. The corners consistently prove difficult for the McLaren, simply because it easily loses grip. As the driver notes, you are constantly wrestling with the car!

    Overall, the drivers presume that the Huracan has the better engine and the McLaren has the better chassis, but I'm not sure their test proves this. Sure the Lambo sounds better but that engine loses in the straights, and the McLaren has much more connected steering and a better ride, yet it is hard to handle in turns. Also, the driver of the EVO thinks that the AWD hides the potential of the underlying chassis, wishing for a more RWD focused car. Luckily, Lambo listened- there is now a RWD version available!

    At the end of the day, it really depends on what the driver and owner wants to experience at the track. The Lamborghini Huracan EVO is far more intuitive and easier to track than the McLaren 600LT, but it is often the case than people tracking their car truly enjoy finding the limits of their car and fighting to maintain traction. It is this reason that leads both drivers to say the McLaren is more fun at the track and so it technically wins the day here.
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