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  1. Edthenova

    Edthenova Rookie

    Jan 10, 2020
    Full Name:
    John Bullock
    Looking to move up the ladder to my next McLaren and want a spider. Don’t have a great deal more cash to sink. Does anyone have experience as to whether 650S or 570S is the right move?
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  3. Night life

    Night life Karting

    Dec 1, 2007
    Regina, Canada
    Full Name:
    Roberto Giannini
    Both are great cars, performance wise they are very very close, the 650s is a great car but you won't find it much different than your 12-c (I'm assuming you have one). The 570s spider has nicer interior, better Iris system, overall updated look imo.

  4. Edthenova

    Edthenova Rookie

    Jan 10, 2020
    Full Name:
    John Bullock
    Correct assumption on the 12-c (and looking forward to driving it again if these storms ever pass!). Thanks for the response and your thoughts. I do love the look of the 650S, but am worried it’s not enough of a step on from the 12-c, as you point out.
  5. Richard A Fisher


    Oct 27, 2020
    Full Name:
    Richard A Fisher
    I have a 2016 650S Spider which is admittedly loaded with nice interior equipment. I've recently had an opportunity for unlimited seat-time in a 570S lightly equipped coupe. There is NO comparison, for me, in the degree of 'specialness' , and certainly beauty. I shall be hanging on to the 650S.
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  6. Brian Davisson

    Sep 26, 2020
    Spokane Wa
    I have herd this from others that have had a chance to run them both an they said 650s an 12c S is much better all around better performing. I haven’t had a chance to compare my 2014 spyder to it yet, but would lean towards a 675lt spider
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  8. vincep99

    vincep99 Rookie

    Jun 8, 2009
    I looked at both side-by-side: I liked the 650S because it looked great and you could still see the engine. The 570S is edgier and easier to get in and out of. I chose the 570S because I figured it would be more advanced as McLaren would have had more time to sort things out; just an assumption on my part, not based on any facts

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