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Muscle Beach! Novitec N-Largo 720s On The Beach - TAG Motorsports

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    Beaches are made for many things, and that includes showing off muscle. We decided to take the Novitec N-Largo somewhere it could flex its new buff muscles. It also allowed us to showcase some more details of this finished project.

    1 of only 15 to be made in the world. This one belonging to former Seattle Seahawks Linebacker and good friend Cliff Avril. We have a few more of these in the pipeline and can't wait to show you the different creative visions we got to build with these 720s N-Largo’s.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Mod List

    2018 Mclaren 720s Novitec*N-Largo
    1 of 15
    -N-Largo*Conversion Consisting Of:
    front bumper, rear bumper, inset rear bumper, front fenders left and right, rear side parts left and right, inner-fenders front and rear, set of side panels all body-parts made by Carbon fiber, primed.*
    -Front Strut Fins & Inserts in rear bumper in Visible Carbon
    -N-Largo*Rear Wing
    -Carbon Taillight Covers
    -Carbon Air-Guide Side Wall*N-Largo*(side air intakes)
    -Carbon Rear Air Outlet Set
    -Carbon Covers for Mirrors
    -Carbon Cover for Fog Light (must specify with or without camera)
    -Carbon Diffusor
    -Carbon Diffusor Fins
    -Carbon Cover For Rear Diffusor Opening (3-Part Flaps)
    -Carbon Triangle Cover for Side Window
    -Novitec Powerkit Stage 2 Including 772HP*
    -Novitec*N-Tronic ECU Upgrade
    -Novitec Exhaust System with Flap Integration
    -Novitec Cat Replacement Pipes
    -Novitec Exhaust Tips (in black)
    -Novitec Techtronic
    -Novitec Switchtronic (valve control unit for exhaust)
    -Novitec 21x9 & 22x12 NF6 NL in Black
    -Novitec Titanium Lug Nuts
    -255/30/21 & 335/25/22 Pirelli PZero Tires
    -Novitec Sport Spring Kit
    -Novitec Side Indicator Set
    -Novitec 3rd Brake Light LED
    -Novitec Reflectors (Rear)
    -Painting & Installation of Novitec Aerokit
    -Custom Skid Plate under the front bumper


    If you have any questions feel free to contact us HERE
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    Wow. That is an incredible 720s :eek:

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