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For Sale McLaren M1B # 30-10

Discussion in 'Cars, Parts, and Collectibles' started by Michael B, Dec 15, 2018.

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    Perhaps you know the story. My good friend & long time pal left us in a vintage auto racing accident. I have sold off all of his collection of great cars but have this epic M1B (the tenth McLaren ever built) left to sell.

    I have tried a few avenues and gotten very close to a sale for the estate. Yet it is still available.

    The powers at be are looking for $300k for the car & a few spares. I had it bid up to $285k on BaT but no sale. The car (prior to my pals ownership) bid up to $325 in Monterey a few years ago (we bought it shortly afterwards). It has proven its value so we don't want to give it away.

    It drives very nicely, has been restored to its sixties era glory by the best in the business. It is impeccable. Every nut & bolt, every angle, the paint & bodywork, engine & interior, all of it is museum quality. Jump in & go to ANY vintage event that you want to be invited to. This is obviously the e-ticket ride that gets you into that Vintage event that you want to be part of. It is ready to drive.

    Think about it... Chassis 30-10. The tenth McLaren. Arguably the best looking. This is an opportunity.

    Be Speed Racer in this historic car.

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    Message me for further detail.
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  3. Chrisfiffie

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    Mar 2, 2020
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    Christopher Patrick Fiffie
    Is this vehicle still available?

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