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  1. Balan Subramanian

    Dec 4, 2021
    I have been looking for a 650s Spider for a while now and I found this car that's just the color I want. I seek your help in figuring out if this would be a "safe" buy:
    CARFAX Vehicle History Report for this 2015 MCLAREN 650S SPIDER: SBM11FAA3FW004584

    I am a little concerned though about,

    1) The title history. There are a couple of AZ and FL titles in the history of this car. It looks like the first time it was registered in FL it was actually driven in FL but then it seems to have gone to AZ and quickly come back and again to FL. Could it be a "washed" title?

    2) Looks like there were a couple of suspension issues covered by the Warrantytech extended warranty. But it's not clear if it was ever resolved. Looks almost like the McLaren dealer gave up and sold it to a local dealer (whom I've heard also sells exotic cars).

    Could these concerns be alleviated by an inspection? I intend to drive this car quite a bit and keep it a long time.
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  3. Tides

    Tides Rookie

    Sep 5, 2015
    Why don't you call the past dealer to find out about the issues and maybe reasons for moving on - love my 650s with zero issues - a real drivers car

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