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  1. gtjoey

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    Aug 12, 2014
    It was just one year ago in March as we headed to Amelia Island that the 720s was unveiled only to change the game forever!
    Hard to believe comparing a LaFerrari , P1 AND Porsche in terms of all out performance numbers at a cost of around 330 grand while running on petrol with no all wheel drive or batteries!
    From display to garage in 6 months!
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  3. ekovalsky

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    Jun 17, 2017
    Arizona & Montana
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    I share your enthusiasm. Mine is about a week away! It's undergoing PDI in Houston.

    Besides running with those hypercars you mentioned, it's nice knowing that the drivetrain is basically shared with the absolutely ridiculous Senna and Senna GTR, which are going to set new performance records on the track. And a 720S with just downpipes and tune just ran 9.5 @ 146 mph... fastest McLaren ever in the quarter!

    I do really like what Ferrari did with the Pista (looks far better than the 488 to me, except for those horrid door handles) but its technical specifications are just reaching, not surpassing the 720S. Real world testing will be most interesting given McLaren's tendency to sandbag and Ferrari's to hornswaggle. I would not at all be surprised if the 720S, despite being the regular production jack-of-all-trades car, still comes out on top. And if it doesn't, McLaren has a history of offering software upgrades for more power; they left lots of headroom on the M840T. And then of course there will be the 7xxLT which will be the actual comparable model :D

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