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570S Drag race vs Lamborghini Huracan

Discussion in 'Sport Series (570S/GT, 540C, 600LT, 620R, Artura)' started by Booker, Apr 6, 2020.

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    So I'm sure many of you are familiar with Shmee, or more specifically Shmee150, and his car videos. He gets access to some of the coolest cars in the world and I recently found this older video of him driving both the Huracan LP 610-4 (not the new Evo) and the McLaren 570S. He does a general review of both cars, drives them around the track and takes not of their respective changes while switching through the drive modes. So, which car is faster?

    The first car Shmee takes around the track is the Lambo, and as most people would, he notes the incredible sound that the V10 makes, especially as he goes into sport mode and then track mode. Now, he doesn't push it hard around the track but he drives it well enough to feel the suspension firm up and he says there is some understeer, but that is common with AWD cars. Speaking of AWD, Shmee predicts that all four wheels turning will be an advantage in the drag race. In terms of styling and brand image, Shmee points out the flashy design of the car, and he particularly likes the interior. So how does it compare to the Mac?

    Well obviously Shmee is from the UK, so he is very familiar with McLaren, and he shares with the audience that he went to the launch event for the 570S, so he has driven one before. In comparison to the Lambo, the turbo-charged V8 is much less thrilling and not even worth debating in terms of sound. Also, the fact that the McLaren is RWD seems to be a disadvantage for the drag race. In terms of driving, Shmee says it feels more track-focused, with a more aggressive turn-in, while the Lambo's steering felt quite electric. That being said, they are supposedly matched fairly overall, with the McLaren being more affordable. Even though the 570S is a part of a growing brand name, everyone knows a Lambo, and everyone hears it too! This easily explains the price difference.

    So on to the drag race, which was very close and might have been closer if the Huracan had corsa tires like the Mac. As you can see in the video, the McLaren starts out behind the Bull due to its RWD but it surges toward the lead by the end of the stretch and ultimately wins. Shmee notes that the added weight of the AWD might have been factor, but he fails to mention the carbon tub of the 570S. Personally, I think the carbon tub in the secret sauce of all McLaren's right now, as it seems every model is killing it at the strip!
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    Roberto Giannini
    Weight to power ratio huge advantage for any McLaren
    Also they notoriously underage actual HP, the 570 is more like 620hp, the 720 is more like 780hp.
    The Mac gearbox is insanely good, in Track mode it's a triphammer lighting quick and able to put it down the rear tires without shredding them.

    I raced a few Huracan in my old 570 usually rolling start, they were dead even till around 100mph then slowly pull away with 570.

    The 720 is just insane, no comparison, it just annihilates everything.
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