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720S 720s is getting is longtail variant

Discussion in 'Super Series (MP4-12C, 650S, 675LT, 720S, 765LT)' started by aaronrgonz, Aug 6, 2019.

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    Apparently there a rumors swirling about that the 720 is going to get some alterations for a new model.

    "The long-standing rumors of the McLaren 720S getting a Long Tail variant are looking even more likely of being true. Development is now underway, and there's at least the possibility of the hotter model arriving before the end of the year, according to an insider source speaking to Piston Heads. The publication's story also suggests the convertible Spider variant of the Long Tail could debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show."

    There was some speculation about the new Speedster not having windows (???) : "The company is specifically developing the aerodynamics to be the best possible without a roof. The design might not even have side windows."

    Exciting times ahead for McLaren...
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