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Veloce Parts offers the best prices on New, OEM Ferrari & Maserati Parts. All parts on our website are in stock and ready to ship. We provide anything from body panels to small hardware. Brakes, exhaust, headlamps, wheels, suspension, glass, and interior and exterior components. Veloce Parts also have in stock, manuals, literature, tools and accessories


Boutique automotive parts store for luxury and high performance vehicles




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Kerr & Sheldon are California’s premiere luxury and exotic car lawyers. High-end vehicles are worth significantly less after a collision - even when repaired by a professional mechanic. This is called diminished value (DV). In 2015 Kerr was instrumental in changing the DV jury instruction in California making it easier for consumers to recover damages. Loss of use (LOU) is another significant aspect of property damage. Owners can recover what a luxury car similar to theirs would rent for during repairs. Kerr & Sheldon have recovered over $2M in DV and LOU for owners of high-end vehicles damaged in accidents. Call for a free consultation.