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Ferrari F50 faces McLaren 720S Spider in Airstrip Drag Race

Oct 20, 2019

And many more exotics drive beautiful winding roads in Switzerland!

An driving event for owners of exotic cars was held in Europe and it included a stop at an airstrip in Switzerland for casual drag races between the various Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLaren’s, and more! One of the cars that really stood out was obviously the bright Yellow Ferrari F50 with an open top. It lined up against a McLaren 720S and later a Lamborghini Diablo!

First off the video shows the F50 next to a hot Aventador SVJ, and even tho the SVJ is newer and has much more power, the Ferrari F50 grabs most of the attention. Unfortunately, we will never know which car is faster since the Ferrari did a solo run. We really wish we could have seen the SVJ fly down the strip, but the video jumps to the next race- the first real race.

Next to the yellow F50, an assumedly ‘Belize Blue’ McLaren 720S Spider prepares for launch. The F50 just waits there since it does not have any modern gizmos or gadgets. And then they’re off, zooming down the pavement. Unsurprisingly, the McLaren takes the win but the sound of the F50 earns it a consolation trophy. I blame the loss on the fact that the F50 had its top down and the 720S did not, so that is clearly an unfair advantage. Don’t worry though, the Ferrari redeems itself.

The last race puts the Ferrari F50 up against a (modified?) Lamborghini Diablo. With two V12s from a similar era and a history of bad blood, this race might be a little more personal than the previous ones. The Diablo seems to get a little bit of a head start at first, but it is not enough. Despite this race being closer than the first race, the Ferrari F50 decisively wins down the stretch.

What a great event, to have such rare supercars driving and racing together. The rest of the video features cars like the Ferrari 288 GTO, F40LM, 275 GTB, Enzo, and a 599 GTZ Nibbio Zagato. They seem to be simply enjoying the winding roads of Switzerland and providing a stellar chorus of exhaust notes as they go. Bravo.

Source: cvdzijden - Supercar Videos

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