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Super-Rare McLaren Senna LM Totalled in Monaco

Oct 16, 2020

This summer, another one bit the dust.

Ah Monaco, a historic destination for motorsports, and unfortunately a dangerous place for rare automobiles. The high concentration of fast cars and drivers provides for some fun video clips, such as a hypercar sprinting down a city street, however we have seen many wrecks over the years. For example, there was a Ferrari F40 caught on fire earlier this year! And now we have this, a very orange special edition McLaren, most likely totaled from a collision.

Some may recognize the car from various pictures and videos circulating social media over the past few weeks, and it is indeed a McLaren Senna LM, of which only about 20 were made! That makes this incident one of the most expensive wrecks as of late. We can only assume from the images that the car was totaled, and based on reports we know that the driver is ok.

We also know that the driver was former F1 racer, Adrian Sutil. The Senna LM is a lot of car to handle on public roads, and it is apparently too much for even a professional driver! Fans of the sport have noted that Sutil also wrecked an actual F1 car recently and considering he no longer races F1, maybe he’s not the best of drivers, but surely he is better than any internet troll. We are glad he is safe and hope he learns from this unfortunate event.

The official story is that Sutil simply lost control of the car and it ran into an electricity pylon, but we don’t know how he lost control and some reports don’t even confirm he was driving. It is understandable why you would keep this story under wraps, especially with no other cars or people involved. The worst part isn’t that the car is gone, rather it’s that Sutil only had it for a few months before it was wrecked.

Source: The Sunday Times

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